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About Crafty Projects .com

About Crafty Projects

Crafty Projects is a site offering free crafts and activities for children from ages 2- 12.  We're including every occasion year-round for parents, teachers and Sunday school projects. 

Look throughout for projects and articles reflecting special occasions, events, games, parties, and holidays. We also offer craft and hobby tips and product reviews. 

Our craft project articles are filled with information for quick and easy crafting with party ideas, party favors, children activities, home, school or Sunday school, seasonal recipes and much more.  

You can easily find your way around our site. It's organized for quick referencing of what you need. If you're in a hurry, begin by clicking on each of our three categories above for the projects available.  You'll be taken to an index of projects with links to the projects.  

Please visit our blog for other projects and articles not listed on this site or for announcements of our latest projects.

Thank you for visiting! Please check back for more projects and ideas.

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